Data digitization

Protect your valuable documents through data digitization

Would you like to read the handwritten first version of your favorite novel on your e-book reader? Let us digitize your written material and your data and you will soon be able to access these important documents globally. With data digitization you can save old manuscripts, typed original versions and business documents from the ravages of time and take them with you into the future.

Digitizing data – we make it easy for you

Important personal or business documents are often stored in remote archives and are difficult to access. Digitizing saves you the trouble of going long distances to leaf through heavy file folders. The archived documents are carefully processed are available at your workplace or even on your tablet at all times.

With us you can be sure that the formatting of headings, paragraphs and tables follow the original exactly. We also make your valuable items accessible – it could mean preserving a handwritten travel diary or old inventory lists or making important patent documents easier to get at.


Experience and discretion are what characterize us

For more than five years we have been working for a growing clientele from the business, research, medicine and law sectors. The trust of our regular customers is based on our absolute discretion and the meticulous care we take when handling the data we have been entrusted with for digitization.

We digitize your documents from your paper templates, PDF files or scanned images, giving you easy access to your texts. Our qualified staff clean up and reformat the result until it exactly matches the original.


What we digitize for you


deeds and important writs


valuable journals and diaries


scanned texts and PDFs


typewritten and handwritten letters


old contracts, invoices and inventory lists

Choose for your data digitization

We work reliably, conscientiously and always on time. Be inspired by our performance. Call us today and you can start working with our inexpensive but effective digital copies of your business documents tomorrow.