Professional text formatting – put your words in the spotlight

“There’s no second chance for a first impression.” This well-known saying from the English-speaking world hits the nail on the head in this country too. Professional formatting of your texts, e-books and presentations highlight their meaning and convince effortlessly.

The advantages of good text formatting

Is a sales talk in a comfortable jogging outfit as successful as one in impeccable business attire? It’s very unlikely. A sales pitch is much more likely to succeed in suitable clothing. This is exactly the effect achieved with professional formatting of your texts. A clear structure enables your reader to concentrate on your content without any distractions.

Special formatting standards for business letters, e-books and annual reports have rightly been established to help readers find their way around them quickly and effectively. Clear formatting makes reading easier and focuses the viewer’s attention on the points you want to emphasize.



  • Adjust the font and font size for you

  • Harmonize headings and paragraphs

  • Design attractive title pages

  • Check that side and edge distances are correct

  • Create lists of contents and figures

  • Insert page numbers or sections and

  • Design suitable headers or footers

Text formatting suitable for every occasion

To ensure that your texts sparkle, we keep up to date with all the changes to the established writing and design rules for word processing (DIN 5008) and all other formal and informal rules. As soon as formatting is completed, you will receive your brochure, annual report or presentation in your preferred text format. – Professionals in text formatting

The team knows all about page formatting, tables of contents, headers and footers. We are happy to follow the formatting of your texts with our proofreading service, so you have the advantage of an all-round service from a single source.

Contact us today for texts effective in any format.