Legal dictations.

Our Service for Lawyers and Notaries

For more than five years we have been supporting court experts, executors of wills, insolvency administrators, patent attorneys and attorneys at law conscientiously documenting important and time-critical papers. Our legal typists are well trained, technically well-versed and very discreet. Confidentiality is guaranteed as all our employees are subject to a strict non-disclosure agreement.

The advantage to you of dictating legal matters

is that you draft your statement when all the viewpoints discussed with the client are still fresh in your mind. Dictation frees you from the hassle of cumbersome writing programs because we take care of the formal aspects for you.

Please contact us for single or multiple projects. With us you pay only for the service actually rendered. Our legal writing service is thorough, focused and absolutely trustworthy.

Based on your dictation we write up

  • Complex contracts and statutes

  • Affidavits

  • Important assessments and statements

  • Filing of suits, applications and appeals

  • Utility model or patent applications

  • Meticulous protocols and inheritance compilation

  • Legal seminar material and technical essays, and

  • Your general and personal correspondence

You can put your trust in

Our legal service puts your letters, contracts or Articles of Association correctly and conscientiously into proper written form and always delivers on time. You dictate and shortly afterwards you receive the documents ready for further use.

Correct and punctual – our legal writing service

One benefit of our expertise is peace of mind because you can rely on us to properly manage your legal reports, contracts or briefs. The documents will be carefully written for you in due form and time and conveniently sent to your mailbox.

Contact us today to experience our service. Soon you will no longer want to do without it.

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