Professional transcripts with linguistic fine-tuning

You determine the level of detail with which we create your transcripts. In linguistic and psychological research the correct notation of emphasis, word slurring or interventions is crucial. They convey the important subtext that otherwise only a person in the same room would detect.

We transcribe according to the simple (clean verbatim) and extended rules (full verbatim) of Dresing & Pehl or the simplified rules (summary) that offer easy readability. We are also happy to write your transcriptions according to Kuckartz, TiQ, GAT Minimal or basic script rules.

Further details on content and the differences in transcription rules are summarized for you on our Information page. At your request we can adapt the rules used, anonymize your transcripts or recommend a suitable format for your project.

The advantage of using us for your transcripts

If you place the time-consuming transcription of your interviews and discussions in our expert hands, we will return complete, accurate and suitably formatted transcripts of your business records. transcriptions contain all the linguistic characteristics necessary, emphases and pauses – just as you require. Leave the transcription to us and you can concentrate on post-processing and analyses of your projects.

Accurate transcriptions facilitate your workflow

A reliable transcript makes it easy for you to analyze and post-edit interviews, panel discussions or presentations. The transcripts we generate from your surveys, discussions or presentations follow exactly your own transcription rules.

We transcribe


Recorded presentations and speeches


Scientific interviews and surveys


Important customer conversations, marketing surveys and


Your video recordings for barrier-free subtitles


past group discussions


and much more

Leave your transcription with us is the experienced service provider who will reproduce your audio or video recordings word for word in text form and on schedule. As a result you gain time for the planning and post-processing of your other business activities. We also offer a transcription express service for urgent tasks.

Psychologists, linguists, marketers and trend researchers throughout the German-speaking countries work and research with our transcriptions.  Just call us – you’ll be impressed!